About Us

Meet Rhea and Andrea

As young girls’ daughters and their mothers have traditionally always been able to bond over shopping. Even during those rough teenage years, shopping tends to be the happy place for moms, daughters, sisters and their girlfriends.

The above is true for the owners of Alluring Couture By Rhea. Rhea remembers back ever since she was a little girl dressing up in her mother’s clothes wearing her mother’s shoes, purses, and jewelry. She couldn’t wait to be old enough to start borrowing her mother’s stuff. Rhea can always remember having fun and enjoying the shopping experience with her mother and siblings even during the hard times. Alluring Couture By Rhea co-founder Andrea was a single mother most of Rheas life.Times were hard raising 4 kids on her own. However, Andrea always strived to make sure her children were happy and made it a point to have time to bond with them. Shopping was it! Money did not always allow for shopping. Instead, sometimes it just entailed going to the mall getting a lemonade, corndog, and cookies. Not to mention window shopping. Even though money was not always in excess Rhea and her siblings never forgot the loving and fun experiences. To this day this is still a tradition that Rhea has with her own son Xavier. Creating a fun loving and fashion forward environment at an affordable price is Alluring Couture’s goal.

In hopes of continuing this bond and help others to continue and or create this bond is what gave birth to Alluring Couture By Rhea. Rhea approached her mother with this idea that they finally open their own clothing boutique. This would give them an excuse to spend even more time together and share our experiences with others. While forming this business during a rough stressful time in the world of COVID-19. Their hopes are that women and their moms, sisters, and girlfriends can still enjoy themselves and continue to create long lasting memories in a safe and fashionable environment. Alluring Couture has designed the store with teenagers, young women and more mature adult women alike to enjoy this shopping experience in one environment. There will always be more affordable options as well as more higher end fashions available. This will ensure that every income bracket can enjoy beautiful fashion forward items. You will be sure to find something to take home and enjoy!

Womens clothing and accessories, our goal is to create a fun, relaxing shopping experience